Float Into Fitness Aquatic Mat

Our pool fitness mat is perfect for creating fun and challenging workouts in the aquatic environment while adding a new twist to your yoga or fitness routine. This system is great for indoor and outdoor pools, and will allow gyms, recreation centers, resorts, clubs, and athletic clubs the ability to run yoga and fitness classes water! For orders of 2 or more, receive discounted pricing! Contact us for more details on aquatic mat + certification packages, which can be done online or in person!

The Float Into Fitness Mat

  • The board has a built-in mat for stability and grip in wet conditions. Designed to fit between standard pool lanes, with the ability to be set up horizontal or vertical to lane lines. The aquatic mat can inflate and deflate, and comes with a travel backpack, which makes it easy for storage and travel! Bungee tie downs for water bottles or sun protection. Two built-in bungee attachment cords with four additional bungees to allow for different pool setups. High-pressure pump with a two-way valve.

  • Length: 7 Feet, 7 Inches Width: 2 Feet, 9 Inches Thickness: 6 Inches

  • Weight: 32 pounds with mat, pump, repair kit, and travel bag.

  • Includes: Bungee System, Travel Backpack, Pump, Repair Kit, and Float Into Fitness Mat.

Bundle includes Float Into Fitness Aquatic Mat

...and the Float Into Fitness Aquatic Yoga & Fitness Certification