Course curriculum

Get Certified to Teach SUP Yoga ONLINE!

  • 2

    The Sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding

    • History of Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

    • SUP Apparel

    • Types of Boards

    • Choosing a Paddle

    • Other Equipment

    • Equipment Video

    • Equipment Quiz

  • 3

    Water Safety

    • Stand Up Paddleboard Safety

    • Water Regulations

    • Ocean Safety

    • River Safety

    • Emergency Situations and Rescues

    • Emergency Treatment Guidelines

    • Spinal Injuries

    • Other Emergencies

    • Water Safety Quiz

    • Water Safety Submission

  • 4

    Beginner Stand Up Paddleboard Instruction

    • Getting Started

    • Beginner Stroke Technique & Turn

    • Teaching a Beginner Lesson

    • Beginner Lesson Video

    • Beginner Lesson Submission

  • 5

    Advanced Stroke Technique & Turns

    • Advanced Stroke Technique

    • Advanced Stroke Video

    • Advanced Turns

    • Advanced Turns Video

    • Advanced Stroke & Turns Submission

  • 6

    Business of SUP

    • Business of SUP Yoga & Fitness

    • Internet Marketing

  • 7

    SUP Certification Quizzes and Submissions

    • WPA Quiz

    • Paddle Into Fitness Test

    • CPR/AED/First Aid Submission

  • 8

    Introduction to SUP Yoga

  • 9

    Gentle Wave SUP Yoga

  • 10

    Nautical Flow SUP Yoga

  • 11

    Course Completion

    • Feedback Form

    • Post Training Information

    • Ambassador Listing Submission

Receive Continuing Education Credits (CECs) from top fitness and yoga organizations.

ACE Approved
Yoga Alliance

Course Requirements

Here is what to expect in the PIF Online Certification Course.

  • You should be a proficient swimmer (able to swim 25 yards) and be comfortable doing water sports. It is recommended that you have at least one year of SUP experience.

  • It is recommended to have one year of teaching (any kind) experience and one year of yoga experience. It is highly recommended to have your 200-hour RYT certification, however it is not required to apply. (You should be currently enrolled in your 200HR TT or have plans in the near future to attend. It is not advised to be instructing SUP Yoga until this is completed.)

  • Even though we will cover water safety, first aid, and lifeguard techniques, and you will submit videos demonstrating these skills, it is recommended to go through a full lifeguard training course. It is not required, but very useful!

  • Complete the Paddle Into Fitness course! Read all the course notes, look at the photo How To's, watch the videos, and pass all the quizzes. Pass the WPA Level 1 Test and PIF Final Test.

  • Submit the required videos on board rescues, advanced stroke technique, pivot turns, and the signature PIF beginner lesson. Your stroke and pivot turn doesn't need to be perfect, we want to see where you are at, and help you progress!

  • Submit a screen shot of your timed mile using the Map My Fitness app. We ask that you can complete 1 mile on SUP in under 19 minutes (all around board) or 17 minutes (race board).

  • Submit your two minute video of Gentle Wave & Nautical Flow.

  • Upload your CPR/AED & First Aid Certificates. Read through the post certification notes, submit your photo for the ambassador page, purchase insurance, and look for your certificate in the mail!


What students are saying...

Audrey Lee, PhD Exercise in Sport Science, Masters in Sport Nutrition, Utah

Owner of Power to Shred, Performance & Sport Nutrition Coach, Athlete

“Gillian Gibree is a pioneer, creating an online certification. The information is well organized and thorough. Gorgeous pictures guide you through the sequences and are a wonderful resource to refer back to for proper alignment and cueing. The quizzes are an excellent way to test the material learned. I can not wait to see what Gillian’s impressive forward thinking will lead to next in online education.”

Bianca B, Cape Town, South Africa

Yoga & Fitness Instructor

This certification was run very well – it was organized, methodical, and personal. I feel like my goals and objectives on this course were achieved and exceeded! It has opened up many opportunities in the yoga and SUP industry – and I’m so excited to grow with this wonderful sport!

Sarah L, Traverse City, Michigan

Yoga & Fitness Instructor

The training had a very surf culture California feel which I appreciated, and they taught to US, not just regurgitated verbatim from their manual. The manual was VERY thorough, and I see myself using it for other yoga related needs as well. Great photos and descriptions, as well as detailed class sequencing are very helpful just to glance at before I go out for inspiration. The information was cutting edge, relevant, and nothing like what anyone’s seen up here (Michigan) before. I have been paddleboarding for two years, and I feel like my paddling has improved ten fold this summer after the training. The techniques taught to us continue to to deliver for my students. I feel the techniques were also laid out to us in a paddle talk that is succinct and informative, which is important when offering new information to folks. Well that’s about it, sorry, I don’t think I have any negative feedback! Keep up the good work!

Joanna M, New York, New York

Yoga & Fitness Instructor

I have been in the health & fitness industry for almost 15 years taking many courses and workshops in my ongoing pursuit of learning. This was one of the most pleasurable of experiences in all my years. Not only was the course well taught and organized, but it surpasses my learning expectations in every way. From the hands on instruction, instructor and assistant approachability, the manual, equipment, location, professionalism, and structure. In addition the other students are all like minded and from all walks of life. I would not hesitate to recommend Paddle Into Fitness and my experience from beginning inquiry to this well deserved testimonial. Truly, this course embodied Live, Laugh, Paddle.

Cornelia B, Switzerland

Yoga & Fitness Instructor

I feel really comfortable with you, and I could learn so much in a short time. You positive words were good for me to feel good with my ‘bad english’ Thank you very much! I will never forget this great experience with you. You wake up the fire in me to go ahead. I find a new passion for the summertime and to share it with my Swiss friends. Maybe I am the first SUP Yoga teacher in Switzerland!